About Us

FLUXO designs and manufactures electric heating elements for industrial heating applications.

The founder of FLUXO are well known and respected in the industry with a wealth of knowledge gained from many years of experience in South Africa.

FLUXO designs and manufactures electric heating elements for industrial heating applications. Fluxo offers a complete heat engineering package. We will calculate, design, document and manufacture a complete thermal system with heater, temperature sensor, temperature controller and SCR power switches. The company is known for excellent customer service and our ongoing success ultimately comes from a desire to work with our clients in strong partnerships towards solutions.

At FLUXO we realize it is only through answering your questions and solving your heating problems that we all gain a sense of satisfaction and pleasure from doing a job well. Manufacturing & distribution is centrally located in Johannesburg South, we are able to quickly service all our customers throughout, from our factory and office facility. Fluxo is capable of producing units for a wide range of Industrial heating applications and some of the core products are:

  • Products flowing through pipes or stored in vessels, often benefit from using Self-Regulating heating tapes, Constants wattage heating tapes or high temperature mineral insulated electric trace heating cable.
  • Fluxo Digital Temperature controllers are a new class of instruments that combine temperature, process and machine control, over- and under-temperature limit protection and high amperage power switching.
  • We provide complete heat tracing solutions and one of the industries technical leader in its field.
    Heat Trace or surface heating is the method of heating and/or maintaining temperatures in pipelines, tanks/vessels and pipeline equipment. We have more than 13 years’ experience in this industry.

In addition to systems manufacture, services offered include consultancy, system design, installation and commissioning, project management, system maintenance and personnel training.